Day 3 - Corinth Recreational Area

Catching up with blogs tonight, as we are finally in the world of the internet.

Last Friday found us arriving at Corinth Recreational Area near Double Spring, Alabama.  It's a small place in the northwest part of the state, but was a nice first place to camp with this crew. The tent went up quickly and we were soon off hiking and photographing much of what we saw.  We took pictures of animals, nature scenes, family and even remade some scenes from The Breakfast Club.

After a hot meal over the fire, we settled in for our first night in the tent. As I previously posted, the early morning hours found the tent baptised by a thunderstorm, inside and out.

Settling in at camp

There was much creativity in the shots being taken

Very quickly, we found ourselves on a trail

Corinth is right on a nice recreational lake

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