Random Keys?

There are almost 50 different definitions for ‘key’ in the dictionary.  That should keep me busy for some time, but it’s also why I’m keying in on that idea for my blog.  My previous mostly-successful blogs were either extremely private or very specific to just blogging in the classroom.  Those topics were pretty locked-down and limited the growth of the blog.

I looked at what I wanted to say and found my words singing in several different keys, sometime all at once unfortunately.  It made it difficult to keep the joy of blogging alive. So I decided to lose the multiple doors into the internet and just have one master key to open my words and share them with those silly enough to spend time here.

I will try to protect the mancubs by not being 100% open about their information, but the reality is it’s already out there. Mancub1 and Mancub2 share the sharpest key on the ring. I love them with all of my heart and find great strength in being their father. They make me laugh, make me think, and make me crazy… and I never want to be away from that source of humility. 

During divorce #1, I started going back to church and found God there, welcoming me back with his head nodding with understanding. That key is a large key for turning big locks. Yet, it’s rusty and I’m ashamed that I let it get into such disrepair. I will write about this key from time to time because it helps my own clarity.

Two keys pulled me through divorce #1, God and blogging. I don’t mean to less the importance of God, but the anonymous world of blogging opened many doors and allowed for much healing and safe self-discovery when I was at the lowest point in my life. There were many things about that divorce which I felt I couldn’t share and still hold back to this day because of how it would affect others. It’s not a duty, but what I consider a mark of character.  Being able to write absolutely anything without fear of reprisal was nice, but it also opened the door to creative writing.  I was proud of my nearly 30K hits on that blog. I miss that blogging and have been looking for the right vehicle to get back into. I think this may be it.

My personal life and professional life are very attached to my laptop.  I punch these keys all day and often into the night. It’s amazing that so much can now be done with this tool. These random keys under my fingers will be my connection to the world that choose to drop in occasionally and see what is happening on this blog.

You will no doubt read things here that have no interest to you. You will read things that you totally don’t agree with . You may be so incensed that you will never return. You may think it’s the best thing you read (all day). Whatever you find, I hope you will leave a comment to say hi. This is my journey and we may have a chance to shake hands or wave from across the path. Either way, I’m walking with my keys a jingling.

God Bless.