About Me and This Blog

I've had numerous blogs, both personal and professional. This will be a blending of the two. It's about keys this time. Reflecting on the main keys to my life fulfillment, my kids. The joy of key-pounding, whether it be musical or technological. Learning and sharing keys to successful classroom instruction. My search for the keys to The Kingdom. And I'll share the occasional things that make me laugh, because laughter is one of the big keys in my life.

So, while some may think that I'll just be throwing random keys together in my posts, or that perhaps random keys would have been better than what I wrote, I am writing primarily for myself. I consider blogging a great journal because you can go back and search the memories much more easily than flipping pages. But I value the thoughts and ideas of my friends and professional colleagues as well. Drop me a comment to weigh in on a topic, share something that you find to be relevant, or just string some keys together to say "Hi, I'm reading you!"  That would be nice.

Feel free to share anything you find, link back to me, or copy screenshots and images. I only ask that photos of the Mancubs not be copied and sent on, as easy as that is to do.

My name is Howard J Martin and you can find me online in many places as 'mrmartinsclass'. Not that you will get a deep and warm feeling for doing this, but you can follow me on:
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Sit back, relax, and interact. I'd love to hear from you!