Day 4: The Great Smoky Mountain National Park

We left Corinth with our first planned stop squarely in our sights.  Cinderella wanted to go to Subzero Ice Cream before we ever left Texas. The staff wasn't the most friendly, but the novelty of having your cream and toppings quick-frozen with nitrogen was a unique experience.

We finally made it to the Smoky Mountain National Park, after a very interesting ride through Gatlinburg, and were able to get the wet tent put up and collapse inside after a quick bite to eat.  The tent had plenty of room for the beds and kids shared a movie off an iPad as the drifted off to sleep in a much cooler environment.

Wish fulfilled!

Nitrogen tanks provided a desert novelty

Appropriately taken in front of Ripley's. 

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  1. We're Not In Texas Anymore Says:

    Sleeping in a wet tent? Ahhh, the joys of camping ;) -AntVee

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