3.8 miles

We went on a hike today to a waterfall and had a good work out going to it! It was about 2.8 miles there and back. It was definitely worth the walk. It's difficult to capture how amazing the view was in pictures but we took a lot anyways. I love the scenery in the smokey mountains!! After the hike, we went up to clingman's dome to see the sunset!! About a mile walk there and back. Nothing beats watching the sunset on top of a mountain. Although we were freezing our hands off, I loved it. All you could see was treetops and mountaintops and the clouds made the rest fade away. It was so peaceful and beautiful. I'm loving the Smokey Mountains!!
- Cinderella
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  1. Jaime Patteson Says:

    Great place!!! Great Pics!!! Glad to hear that the Super Heroes are on the move!!! Have fun!!!

  2. Unknown Says:

    Yay! Great place for photos. The walk to get there warms you up, and the wind cools you down. Enjoy! Love, Punkin

  3. We're Not In Texas Anymore Says:

    I bet you got some great pictures from that high up.

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