3am Thunder

II love a good rainstorm. I love listening to thunder. As I make my rounds around camp at 2:45am and start zipping up windows, I catch the eyes of someone who usually shares my interests, but doesn't at this time. 

Funny, as the thunder gets closer, the sound of animals howling began, got worked up and faded off. 

Almost 3am and lighting is upon us and rain started. Here we go. 

Demystifying storms through technology worked again. Shoulders relaxed and mind more aware of how weather radar works.  

Next challenge: "I have to pee!" coming from one of the superheroes as the rain continues lightly on the roof. ;)


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  1. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Crisis now thin as paper. Two sweet things making their way into the 4am sprinkles for a short trek. Next obstacle: dealing with borrowed tent that is apparently not waterproof.

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