Helloooo Craig's List

If you follow my Facebook feed, I have a Love-Hate relationship with Craig's, without the Love part. The convenience of selling used goods to others who want a good deal usually gets me over the hard memories of Craig's scammers and boneheads.  My general rule of thumb is "expect a bucket full of frogs before the Craigs Princess walks through the door to actually buy your stuff."

My past experiences have included several honest soldiers from overseas who want to give me $1,000 over the asking price, just so I'll hold on to the item until they get back home.  Others email quickly upon posting and then don't reply for days and end up passing on purchase.  Bums.

So I follow Mary Poppin's advice and get a little spoonful of sugar. ...in the form of creative writing practice.  I've sold items where the items spoke for themselves and even did some in the form of a Haiku.

Tonight I tried something different.  I am providing discounted prices if the buy provides certain things  at time of purchase.

"It's $15. ...or... Free IF you deliver a one-page story (100 word minimum) describing a wonderful childhood experience you once had. Really." 

"Selling both together for $30. Will give a $5 discount if buyer provides a hand-drawn picture of a dragon at time of purchase. "

These days, I don't expect anyone to take me up on it, but who knows.

**Update** The item that was free with story was picked up today.  Story ended up being from someone at my church who was in need.  God was working through Craig's List today.  **
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