Healthy Technology?

Ever since dad moved in with us, I've been LCDM (Lead Chef in charge of Diabetic Meals).  I could wear the chef hat and everything, but I've no training.  It was a minor drawback that the internets helped me with.

My sister gave me directions, "Shoot for 350mg sodium a day, low sugars and watch the carbs." Dad's diabetes, as I understand it, stemmed from being very overweight for so many years.  My task is to enrich his life here in Austin, get him more healthy and lose some big inches so his knees will last longer.  So I have my sister's directives and my goals for dad.  He is on board with it all.

Okay, that back story will develop over time, but was needed to make the following brainfart make a little more sense.

Have you seen the Vessyl?  Not a good Sci-Fi movie, but a new product being promoted (way too often) on Facebook.   It's a new product that can analyze your beverage with nutritional data, log it, connect to your 'activity monitoring devices' and report back to you on your smart phone.

If it weren't for the $100 price tag, I'd check this thing out.  It tracks your liquid intake.  Seriously?  At the end of the day, I would know how much sugar, sodium, etc that dad drank?  I think of it less as a police tool for him and more for information to help build better habits.  

The ad/video on their site even shows a guy pouring a drink and the Vessyl says, "beer".   Now, with "more coming soon" on this, I'll buy one of these for Mancub2 if it will warn her, "beer with Rufi!  Don't drink!"

What else could be coming?  What about a vessel plate or fork?  How cool would that be?  Or maybe Vessyl tooth implants.  "Howard, your BBQ has too much sugar" or "Howard, chew your food more" or "Howard, there was a worm in that apple".

Ooo!  Vessyl underwear??  (Yes, I crossed the line on that one.)

For now, I am a label-reading fool and drill sergeant menu approver and will track nutritional intake the old fashioned way. where did I put that pencil?
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