Welcome Back!

Right now, writing this post after such a long absence makes me feel like a set of encyclopedias missing volumes G through T.   There is no way to cover everything from the last year+, but hopefully this will serve as a summation.

I was engaged, I had new digs to start a new family in, new technology was learned and shared, presented at workshops, I was un-engaged, Mancubs excelled in school, became just me and Mancubs in the house, dad moved in, summer came on strong.  There. Short and simple.

I have found myself learning much in the last year about myself and about health issues.  I guess I wanted to start blogging again to share these stories as they happened.  I find myself gritching about the poor quality of food available for diabetics like my dad, laughing about what a Mancub did and feeling deeply about how blessed I am as a dad.

I got dad's permission to write about our shared experiences, but will add him to the list of people with an online alias.  Please help me keep my family and friends anonymous by not providing names. My kids will remain Mancub1 and Mancub2.  I will work on a good name for dad, especially after quickly ruling out Grandcub.

Please join me, follow along, share what you find funny or useful and leave a comment every once in a while.  I'd love to hear your thoughts as well.

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