Merl Episode 1

I was thinking about that old science movie today about the zoo keepers that used a sock painted like a condor momma to feed condor hatchlings.  The idea was to imprint them on birds and not people.  I keep thinking that some poor hatchlings grew up desperately seeking their momma vulture that smelled like feet.

Along that line, we are trying to train Merl the Squirrel in the back yard. I've been fairly successful in calling them when I put peanuts on the landscaping bricks near the back of the yard.  I can spot him over a yard away sometimes making his way into our tree.  A couple of times, after I went in to start dinner, Merl came near the back patio looking for more peanuts while dad sat there.

So, is it bad that I wanted to help them get used to feeding from a human by putting peanuts on dad's feet while he slept on the back patio?  
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