The Quick Classroom Video Project

I made this video a while back and ran across it again yesterday.  I had something to say and decided that video was the best media for my message about, well, using video.  But the tweak was to make a quick video in the classroom that was different, creative, and didn't require student talent releases.

Similar to the " Plain English" videos (which most are really great!) or Dr. Lodge McCammon's paper slide videos, this project has the students creating their drawn scenes on one large paper or cardboard box side.  I like to call these projects 'Pizza Box Videos', but what teacher wants greasy cheese boxes sliming across the tables in the classroom?

Students must plan out the script, design the scenes that will be drawn, meet the teacher's project criteria, rehearse their timing ... and only then do they get a digital camera or laptop to capture the presentation.  Much of this project will be done away from the computer. After doing the analog work, students will capture, can put in digital effects, and then post them on the classroom website for all to share.

Posting tips?  A teacher created or Dropbox account will go a long ways in providing an easy to use publishing platform for this student work.

I'd love to see what students come up with this idea! Share your products with us.
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