My Little Mini Summer

I've been out of the classroom now for about 5 years and don't get a "Summer Vacation" anymore. It was okay at first, but now that the kids are older, I wish I had a big ole summer again.  But now, thanks to the school district's energy saving program, full-year employees work 10 hour days during July and get each Friday off.  I'm really starting to like that!

There's never enough time to get all of that stuff done around the house.  Now, with No Work Fridays, I can sleep in and not do that stuff until next week because I wanted to play today.  Probably not listed in that 7 Habits of Deadly Productive People book, but it's working for me today.

This morning, my phone started beeping at sunrise. (Seems the battery going out was perfectly timed with the sun.) After laying there for a bit, I saw I had a message and checked it.  That led to the discovery of an interesting string of posts in FaceBook.  Pulling out the iPad, which was nearby already, I opened up Flipboard to quickly scan these interesting and I-can't-wait-another-minute-not-knowing-your-innermost-thoughts posts.  I learned a lot from Twitter and FBook, actually.  The iPad was handling the feeds quite well until I realized that one feed wasn't working. Twenty feet away, the laptop was sitting waiting to fix that flash-based error and I was off to the races updating other feeds.

Sleeping-in today took the form of several hours of personal and work online reading and doing using three different devices and three different OS's.  Yeah, I miss Summer Vacation again.

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