Wayback Machine Strikes Again!

What a day. I am hanging out for a few days back where I grew up. Dad's estate sale is this weekend and I've been trying to get my part of the prep done. Driving through tow brought back lots of old memories. The places my grandmother lived, the places (that are mostly boarded up now) where mom shopped when I was very young, and a bunch of stuff at dad's house that have been around for years.

With all of that in my head this morning, I had to find a copy place in town that would make color copies of a brochure for dad's house. I went to the printer next door to where Gran's store was for a bunch of years.  Inside the printers, it felt like nothing had changed since 1979. Seemed to raise eyebrows when I asked if they could print off of my SD card/flash drive adapter, but they got it to work and we got some good copies.

But the Wayback Machine kicked in yet again while I was at the printers. While I was waiting and looking around, I saw this box on the shelf. Still for sale is a box of 2HD 5 1/4 inch computer disks. I started to ask if they had a box formatted for the Apple IIe, but I kept that little bit of humor on the inside.

From there, Mr Peabody tapped me on the shoulder when I heard Van Halen's Jump on the radio. That was the first song on the first CD I hear played back in 1984.  What was the first song you heard on a CD?

Now I'm back at mom's and Fast Times at Ridgemont High is on. Despite the egregious edits (the carrot scene in the cafĂ© was barely there, Mike Demone's super quickie was nothing more than a kiss, etc), I'm enjoying the flashbacks here as well. There are so  many things my kids wouldn't get like, "Why did the students all smell the paper after Mr Hand passed them out?" Was that the guy from The Sorcerer? (Nick Cage). "Did they really dress like that?"

Nothing against my home town, but this has been a step back in time. Fortunately, there were a lot of good memories coming from it.
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