A Busy Mind

I am not to the point of A Beautiful Mind yet, but after a quiet couple of days and too many thoughts in my head, I realize again that I have to be proactive in fighting off the stuff that gets me off track.  I've been laying in bed for a few too many hours and found 4am an appropriate time to get up and do something, just so I can step away from my head for a little while.

So, how to spend a week of solitude without children. While it may be a blessing for some, it's a curse that I have difficulty with.  I want to fill the time meaningfully. Today (okay, it's actually yesterday, but I haven't slept yet), I failed that goal. I did learn a lot about the country by watching a short marathon of How The States Got Their Shape on the History Channel. I was even eating Sunday's BBQ while I watched the Texas episode.  Then there was the marathon of Paul Sr vs Paul Jr on American Chopper on Discovery Channel. There will be NO telly tomorrow.

I did learn just a bit ago that my blogs (on blogger.com) now have a mobile template version. Probably will spend time Wednesday trying to leverage that new perk on some blog spaces.  I also must start writing more consistently. Writers block is there when I sit, but ideas fly while I drive. May have to combine the two this week. Ha!

I pray for the oppressed, beat down, and those in mental turmoil this week. May they all find some form of freedom during Independence Week!
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