God's Little Reminders

Hopefully, I haven't been coming across as Eeyore these last few weeks when mentioning the looming job loss. Tonight, however, is a low night and it sucks, but there was a ray of sun at the end...

This evening, the Austin ISD school board voted to officially eliminate 900+ jobs in the district. In that group was my entire Educational Technology department. All of us. Fourteen people that took care of all the instructional technology support and training needs for 6,000 teachers, 84,000 students, and 120+ campuses. Even sitting in the meeting tonight at the board room, a teacher turned around to say how sorry she was about our department and then proceeded to ask a tech question about Google Docs in her classroom.  It's my belief that that type of help will be very hard to find when we are gone.

I'm sad to lose the family that I've been working with for three years and have known for many more. Several of us are single income families. One's wife is also losing her job at the same time. We look after each other and I have a hard time imagining a better working environment than I've been experiencing. (Well, maybe if Jenn Anniston and I were working a the Apple store together, but Marian wouldn't like that. ;)

Anyway, I'm feeling down at the conclusion of the meeting. For the second time this evening, I was asked to be interviewed by local news person and I had to say no.. in fear of making waves and becoming unemployable.  It's at that point that I realize I don't have my keys; the keys that have a building master in the set. I look around for them and am tracing my path back to the truck when my phone rings. It's the Austin Police Department at my house calling me. My garage and front door are open and they wanted to know if I knew it.  My heart has dropped and is now racing around my chest like a Sunday afternoon at Nascar.

Within the next 5 minutes, APD says they toured my house and found nothing disturbed and electronics still there. They locked it up and left. I found my keys under the front seat in my truck. (Thank God for keyless entry.) And my girlfriend calls lending a soothing voice to my evening. Once home, I find all is in place and normal.

Yes God, I hear you loud and clear. What seems to be terrible will eventually turn out okay, given time and faith. I know that eventually, I will get a job. It may not be what I was planning, but God laughs at our plans. I will probably lose income in my next position, but it's a reminder to focus on him and not the material things. It's going to take more than 5 minutes this time, but I have to give up my troubles to Him and I will get through this and survive.

Sometimes, I wish God would just mail me a postcard instead of making me live through his little reminders.  ..but I'm listening anyway.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Well said, Howard. God does have a plan and I'm confident it is a great one for you! You will be a treasure wherever this road takes you.

  2. Tom Turner Says:

    Howard. I'm hurt that I was NOT on your list ahead of Jennifer Anniston. I thought what we had on the cruise ship was SPECIAL!!!!????!!! :)

    With that joking moment over I applaud you for your integrity during this time. All too often I hear people lash out in their bitterness. I'm facing a similar issue of being 're-purposed' and will find out in the next week or so whether or not I will be in the classroom or stay in my current position. We shall see.

    It's awesome that you've put this in God's hands as He is the One who leads us on our journey around the sun. Remember: Philippians 4:13 my brother.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    howard, you're awesome. how in the world your garage door and front door were open...well, i'm still wondering about that. we are all grateful for ever second you've ever spent on and with any of us, as well as for the entire et/it/which-vowel-shall-it-be-next-t department. lisa w. :) hang in there. you're right, this will all work out...but i know, that's easier for some of us to say...

  4. Anonymous Says:

    sorry, that was supposed to say, "every."

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