How To Get It?

Some are born with it and some never get it. If you don't have it, how do you get it?

Allow me a little latitude on this one, but I was watching another Jen Anniston movie this evening and I really find her likable and attractive in her roles. I'm told, "Have you SEEN her relationships? Do you know how messed up her decisions have been?" To which I want to reply along the lines of, "I can only image the crap she has gone through being a public figure and always second guessed in the spotlight." But enough attacking or defending her.

What intrigues me is the notion of the simple, what if she did meet me informally and I tried to strike up a friendship. I tried to image the strength of personality one must have to have to be attractive to someone so inundated with people who are drawn to the light of her popularity, in love with the characters she portrays, or trying to make leap-frog connections to someone in the industry. That person would have to be very self-confident, comfortable in their own skin.

After sitting on that for just a little while, and fully aware that I don't really know her enough to really find HER attractive more than her characters, I looked at myself. After the first few months of divorce, I entered an acceptance phase where I was really focused on who I was and wanted to be. I became more confident in myself and in my role as a good father. I saw the part I played in my divorce and really tried to understand it. I forced myself to step outside and look at what I wanted to be. And I do think I like what I developed.

That improvement led to my downfall again and, in this busy life I live, I continue to build on my self-confidence. My church has 'running partners' that help each other through their life journeys. That can have great value behind it and can be a key idea. I feel pretty good about much of what I've become again, but I still reflect back on 'how does one get it' if one lost it or never had it. What are the good keys for that success?

So Jenn, you are still safe. I'm not going to drool over the image of a person that is presented in film and tabloid. (I have a pretty terrific girlfriend anyway.) I'm going to keep working on having that level of confidence that will help be excel in personal and professional relationships while I remain open to finding good keys. Still, feel free to call. ;)
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