The WABAC Machine Experience

Today has been a glorious day!  The weather has been absafrickenwondralutely gorgeous!!  Driving between schools was such a gift today, getting to get out into the cool air and practically float across the ground. (It was a very manly float, by the way.)

Anyway, there were a number of times where I slid back to the happy years of college, when Fall would hit and I would be at the dorm with windows open, just relaxing. Ahh.
After work, I got home and opened the windows to let the cool breeze in. Sweet Mother! The sound, the smell, the feel, all bringing the memories flooding back.  The WABAC Machine's door was wide open and I stepped fully into it.

I wasn't a great students and 'school' was no joy ride for me. However, living on campus had so many great memories. Being a Resident Assistant and making rounds in the cool evening. Walking across the quad for the pure helluvit, in the cool air. Sitting on my bed/couch in my room with the windows open, allowing the cool air to crawl across my feet as I watched the 5" black and white TV wired to the foot board. 

Man I loved the Fall and Winter in San Marcos. Maybe once the mancubs get their scholarships to Harvard and MIT, I can quit my job and move into a dorm again. What memories.

This day will end with such a wonderful feeling, as long as I don't think about the classes.  ;) 

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  1. Christine Says:

    I've only been out of college for 4 years and I miss it. Also not the classes, but the carefree lifestyle and being able to take advantage of these perfect weather days, rather than being chained to my desk.

    The downfalls of adulthood I suppose...

  2. Leanne Says:

    I'm not sure which was better @ SWT....Fall or Spring! :)

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