Makes You Say, "Huh"

Getting around to sharing a few photos that were living on my phone. Paying homage to Arsenio, these sites made me pause for a moment to reflect on my world.

Spending time in San Diego with my girlfriend, I came across this delectable snack offered at a wine tasting venue.  A) My images of 'pinkies raised' wine drinkers and eating Sheep Nuts were totally in conflict with each other.  B) I momentarily tried to be in the manufacturer's mindset when naming the product. I mean, was it the taste? The appearance? What?!  C) Sheep Nuts to the west, Mountain Oysters to the East, and I'm feeling pretty dang normal here in the middle.

I'm not perfect by any means, (no examples please), but the sign at a local elementary school made me pause.  Sad thing is, this isn't the first photo I've taken of this particular sign.

I'm so proud of the high school students here.  After 12 years of school and they are learning to edit their work.  *head shaking*

-Yes, this was taken from my truck. No, we weren't moving. Notice the brake lights.

Some day I should post my collection of "Our School Doesn't Know Which Side of the Texas Flag Is The Top" photos.  But for now, remember that we must learn from our mistaks.  ;)
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  1. Catherine Says:

    Hilarious. I certainly have seen my share of messed up signs! =)

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