Alternative Distraction Delivery

Sure, I wasn't a great student going through my school years. Not until I was teaching and making modifications for my students with ADD did spend time reflecting on why I didn't do well. I had a 'professional' spend time with me and was issued the golden ADD seal of distraction.  And since then, I've recognized parts of it all the time.

We've joked a lot about *SQUIRREL!* ... being a lot like the dog Doug in the movie Up.  You can be the most well-meaning, thoughtful, loyal person and totally lose face during the all-too-frequent 'Squirrel' moments of distraction.

For example, I started this post and was half-way through it when I hit 'Save as draft' so I could finish later. That was almost a month ago. I wasn't procrastinating or putting off, but instead got side tracked and moved on to other things. Not until today, ironically enough, did I find this started and work to finish it.

So how did the ghost of Squirrel rear it's ugly tail today? I'm writing this blog, because it needed to be done, instead of fixing a scout uniform, finishing the bills, mowing the yard, cleaning the 2nd floor, shopping for food for next week, riding my bike (for excercise), redesigning the Mancub pages, calling mom (she doesn't read this, so don't remind her that I haven't called lately), putting away the beach paraphernalia from last weekend, etc...  But it's good to be back on the blog.

Ha! Making that list reminded me of a blog I needed to bookmark, which drug me into Diigo, which led to....  I'm back again. So to Doug, I tip my hat. I'm off to the next task on my lis... ooo, Band of Brothers is on...
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  1. Catherine Says:

    I absolutely have the same problems, lol.

    ....also, point of interest, the dog's name is "Dug," not "Doug."

    ...just saying. =p

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