Use a Voice Blog To Communicate with Parents

From personal experience, I know that being a regular blogger is not an easy thing. Add the life of a teacher in the mix and you have even less time to do it.

Blogging, however, is a great way to increase communication with students and parents. To help this out, I’ll go anti-intuitive for the solution. Keep in touch with parent and students by creating a Audio Podcast!

“Podcast?! Are you crazy? That’s even more time intensive!” I hear you. I stayed away from podcasts for years because of that. But there is a great service that will help you podcast and communicate to parents, for free, and do so on your drive home.

iPadio is one of those sites that snuck up on me. With your free account, you get a phone number to call, a passcode to get to your account, and a homepage that lists your messages by date. Share that home page or use their share features to post to your blog/website/facebook or what ever.

With no class, I’m using it to leave lengthy messages for myself using their Android or iPhone apps. If you can talk, you can post messages for your classroom parents. It’s worth your time to check out iPadio.
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  1. Catherine Says:

    Neat. I bet that has the potential to be really useful.

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