Say Hello To My Little Friend

My first full day's reflection on the iPad is not a glowing report. So far, one day into it, and I'm giving it 5 out of 10 on the "I love it and can't live without it" scale.

1- Setup:  Set up was incredibly easy.  Plug it into the laptop and let it sync into iTunes. I asked to copy the iTouch's profile and apps and it zoomed through it easily.  Yea!  The apps synced in, but in alpha order, not in the order I painstakingly setup by type or usability. I was warned that some wouldn't work and not be installed. I'm still finding others that were installed and still don't work. Even though it copied iTouch's apps, it didn't keep settings like remembered wifi connections. And be careful to use the cable that came with the iPad since older cables will not totally function with the iPad.

2- Apps: I didn't realize previously that the apps that worked on my iTouch would work in a smaller, diminished portion of the iPad screen.  You can hit the '2x' button to enlarge it, but it will pixelate. After downloading from the iPad section of apps in the Apps Store, I found iPad compatible apps that use the full screen in a big and beautiful way.  Netflix was a nice example. It is slow to startup, but when the movie is running, it's a real nice app to watch.

3- Keyboard control: I didn't get any manuals (do we anymore?) or see specific directions for things like bringing up the keyboard. I tried to write this blog on blogger via Safari and was not able to bring up the keyboard in this section of the editor. I could type the title, but the keyboard could not be encouraged to show up so I could type in the body. I'd like a force keyboard icon somewhere.

4- Movies: I can see that plane travel will be nice with this iPad. I don't have to have a full laptop out to view a movie and don't have to squint at the iTouch anymore either. The picture is nice and easily controllable. This can't be the sole reason for spending this kind of money on a personal tech device, but it is a big plus as a part of the system.

5- Easy to use: The 7 yr old Mancub2 was the second person to use this. I handed it to her in the back seat of the truck after school. She was able to start it up, cruise through the pages, browse the movie listings, start a move and control the volume without any help from 'the expert'. This is pretty much child's play for her.

I like my iPad and will continue to learn how to use it best. Right now, it's mostly fluff that my smart phone could do, but it's faster, more easy to view, and easier to use. So don't ask for it, I'm not done yet! We'll see if it stays easy to use.
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  1. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Update: and I thought that the iTouch was a great flashlight at night. Walking upstairs with this in the dark was great!!

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