Not A Fan of MobileMe Syncing?

Whenever I connect to some projectors, my monitor goes from a 1400 pixel width to a scrawny 800 pixels.  In essence, everything gets squished. When that happens, the real estate across the top where my menu bar items are located becomes very expensive.  Any extra icons up there are in the way.

It tried removing the MobileMe circle/sync icon because I don't have a MobileMe account. MacOS  puts it up there but gives you know 'check box' to remove it like the other menu bar items. Well, I found the answer and, as usual, it was way too easy.

According to a CNET article, all one needs to do is hold the Command Key down while you drag the icon off the menu bar. Releasing it gives you the familiar puff of smoke as it is removed.  The article goes on to say how to remove all traces of MobileMe. This was too easy, but I got back about 25 pixels across the top! Yea!!

Thankful for minor victories today.
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