Curing the Online Printing Blues

We've all been there.  There is a great website that has a very interactive catalog and you want to print the page that took you 20 minutes to find. It looks like it will print on one page, but your printer had other ideas. Six pages later, with some only having a footer or obscure right column, you realize the one piece you wanted didn't want you.

You can solve this by taking a screenshot of the page, sure. But then you won't have the opportunity to print as .pdf and manipulate text later.

This is where comes in handy.  You can either simply go to their website and type in the URL of your page or install their bookmarklet for quick access without retyping URLs. Check out their explanation:

Think of it as saving ink or saving paper, but you know have much more control over the content of a webpage that is sent to your printer paper.  It is not a perfect solution, however.  There is some adjustment for the selection tool's actions as well as a sometimes very imprecise block selection. With a little practice, the time you spend cleaning up the page contents will be well worth the trouble.
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    Very cool!! Thanks for sharing

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