Dish Network Advertisment Fail

Okay, I know it's not Dish, but some company that installs for them.  But Dish sleeps with them, so I feel welcome to call this a DishNetwork Fail.

Yes, I'm breaking down and will get some form of network media at the new place so the kids can have access to summer programming. I really like the Dish interface more than everyone else and would love to get $20 access for a year. HOWEVER, in getting Dish Network out to everyone, Dish uses these independents who have different offers and fine print. Infinity Dish (found in one newspaper ad) has the same add, but the last line of fine print says they charge $50 one-time setup fee.

My favorite fail today is by someone who I think is called "Dish DHA".  They always have an insert ad running and it's 99% the same each month. Last month, the ad said there was a "$400 New Customer Sign Up Bonus".  This month, it's now a "$250 New Customer Sign Up Bonus."  The ONLY difference on the page is that the DVR rental was $5.98 and now its $6 each month. Otherwise same exact text. Hell, they didn't even rearrange the ad graphics!

So I call just to find out what I was missing before I setup service. The young female voice said, "It's the same offer, just different wording." I pressed on because the words "$400" and "$250" had significant meanings for me. She repeated, "Sir, the offers are just the same. Other companies may not include the DVR, but our ad does." I politely countered with, "But both ads are YOUR company. Both ads have the same DVR included as a free upgrade. Where did the other $150 go?" I think the script writers at Dish DHA must have been on holiday because she again came back with "But we are including the DVR with ours. The ads are the same exact offers, but they just used different words."

I was laughing and sufficiently scared off from using these guys and was about to excuse myself when she offered to have someone else get on the phone to explain the ad. Intrigued, I agreed, just to hear how many other ways I would be told "same offer, different words". She put me on hold and then less than a minute later, I found my connection on permanent hold. They hung up on me.

Dish Network is not the most responsive programming provider and in letting these guys represent them is another nail for the coffin. I call 'FAIL' on the shady installers who represent Dish. I'm sure my kids will issue forth a fail for not having TV in time for summer.
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