Catching Back Up

Wow, what a hectic bunch of days lately. RandomKeys lay especially quiet with my weird schedule and late nights. All is coming back to center now, even though summer will bring lots of workshop time and traveling.

I've been chronicling the woes of my 'smart' phone via my Posterous blog, . I was hoping to catch the eye of TMobile eventually so they could at long last rectify the problem phone situation. But now I'm just hanging on until Verizon announces that they will carry the new iPhone this summer. I will probably jump the shark and reluctantly leave TMobile-ville when that happens.

Posterous has been a great tool for quick blogging. It's designed to post to your blog from your phone's text messaging or by sending an email to it. No need to login to the site when you can just email your ideas, including graphics or media files, and they automatically get posted. It's free and very easy!

I won't be pre-blogging about trips out of town, but there will be more time spent with Dad, getting his house ready to sell and finding him a healthy place to leave in an active community. His 76th birthday is tomorrow and he'll get released from rehabilitation hospital on Wednesday. This is definitely a new chapter in my life with dad.

Mancub's birthday is also this week. It's scary how quickly his growing up. Lots happening soon and it should surely be an interesting ride.
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