Two Questions for Tonight

I'm sitting here stymied. Not that my ADD has anything to do with it, SQUIRREL!!, but two questions have stopped some of my great progress tonight. Maybe you have the key to the answers.

1. I'm hanging pictures in the new house. In the process, I'm taking some older photos out of their frames and replacing with new wonderful pictures of the mancubs. So, where do those older photos go now? I printed most of them, so I have the originals in my iPhoto library. But they are pictures of my kids. Isn't there some great karmetic rule about throwing away photos of your kids? I already have boxes of photos from the classroom days and more boxes of photos from pre-digital camera days. Do I add to them with these? And although someone is bound to suggest it, I don't feel like explaining to grandmother why this year's Mother's Day present is a 8x10 of the mancubs three years ago.

And almost as importantly,

2. Hanging pictures was making me hungry, thus the run to the pantry. Being healthy minded (at that moment), I grabbed a can of fruit and started my nice snack. I like eating those little Mandarin Oranges, but after staring down at that bowl full of little mushy orange pupae for a few moments, I had to wonder. "Who peels all of these little slices so freak'n perfectly that there is NO clingy white pre-skin on them?

The winner of tonight's question series will win a lifetime supply of air, thoughtfully delivered in a new Ronco Colander.

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." -George Bernard Shaw
2 Responses
  1. Kevin Says:

    1. You worry about discarding old photos printed on an inkjet? Ha! Try this - I ran across a stash of birthday cards I got from my wife and kids over the years. Like 30 years worth of them. Clogging things up. No where to put them. What to do? When no one was looking, I pitched them. What, I'm going to let someone find them when they are cleaning out my office after I've died? No.

    2. The oranges are peeled by an orange-peeling machine. Natch.

  2. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Ha! Kevin, your secret is safe with me...and the internet. Thanks for playing along!

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