Things I Didn't Know About Food

What a day! Full training day that was pushing my limitations with some Google add ons, but ended fairly well.  Some things didn't work the way they should have and some I flat out messed up.  I'll nail it next time.

I was a little off because dad was meeting with his new nutritionist and I wanted to be there.  Dad has come a long way, however, and was willing and successful at taking his iPad to the meeting and recording the conversation. I think he was pretty proud of himself.  I'm still working on getting ride services setup, so he caught a cab ride home and was fine the rest of the day.

My directive from Sister#2 was that when dad moved up, I had to monitor sodium and sugars.  I've learned a lot and have kicked sodium in the ass in our meal preps.  We have since learned that we've done really good with that, but it's really only super important for his swollen legs and not so much his diabetes.

We've also done better than we thought with sugars.  I have provided very few high starch meals and our processed foods all maintain an extra-low sugar count.  The nutritionist shared with dad that we've actually cut back too much.  Huh?!
Diabetes resources online leave much to be desired since they all share some common graphics but often have different explanations.  I grew up a skinny kid who could consume anything he wanted.  I only started watching my diet seriously when I learned I had really high cholesterol after college.  It's very controlled now, but I still haven't put much planning into food pyramids, plates or mathematical calculations of carbs/sugars/etc.

This evening, dad and I stepped into the carb-counting world.  We are learning about 15g of carb equals one serving and dad should get 2-6 servings or 30-90g carbs per meal.  This was eye-opening. We have actually gone quite a few meals with less than 30g and were told we need to up those.  It's surprising what some of the foods were that counted as carbs and what foods he was told didn't count against him.

We have a ways to go, but we're on the right track. Dad has got to lose weight, keep sodium down and keep his glucose in check and he is seeing it all in a new light now.  He's pretty happy with the path he is on.  I'm happy I finally am learning some of the diabetic food voodoo.
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