Not What I Should Be Doing

Mancubs 2014- Please do not reproduce
I love these guys.

I watched them have fun this afternoon with their church group, running around a gym doing flips, jumping into foam pits, swinging on large ropes and much more.  They had a good time, but I get a little more filled when I watch them having fun with each other. God I love them.

I am a lucky dad.

Through no fault of their own, they have learned to live successfully in two different houses for over half of their life.  I've seen that tear down kids in my classroom and my kids have resiliently avoided possible pitfalls. I will always hate that I played a part in my kids having two homes. I hate that I've not been in one house for most of their life, a place they can look back as 'home'.  I see these as negatives on my plate. Mancub1 reminds me that he likes having so many places that he has called home.  My kids have learned to find the positives when possible. I am so lucky.

God has blessed me.

I should be working on finishing one workshop and starting the second.  Both are this week. Both are not ready.  I sit down, finally, at start to work.  Coldplay's last album is playing in my ears and I'm sinking into the soft, deep memories of the Mancubs that are ever in my head.  Her giggles.  His efforts to be taller than me. Her bringing me the brush to fix her hair.  He playing video games with me.  Her fear of the distant train and us conquering it together. His bout of chicken pox turning into the creation of Fort Pox, a ceiling-high behemoth that we built together. Good memories and trying times.

God has blessed me.

The ADD is a curse. Relationships have created scars. There are other curses, but those things can always point to some remarkable gift or valuable lesson learned.  I will continue to persevere and push forward. One reason the positives rise to the top? The Mancubs.  I thank God every day for blessing me with those to awesome people.   The icing on the cake is that they know I love them. Of that, there has never been any doubt.

Now, about that workshop....
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  1. zwhiteford Says:

    Your kids are blessed to have you as a father. They will grow up to be outstanding adults. My kids also grew up with two households, but they too knew they were loved...that is what matters. They learned to be flexible, adaptable, loving and wonderful adults.

  2. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Thanks for that Zulma! I feel very fortunate to be a dad and work to continue to earn that title. Have a great summer!

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