Music-Flavored ADD

It's time for RANDOM BLOGGING!  It is sad that, as a grown man, I had scenes from iCarly running through my head, however briefly, as I typed that first sentence. If you have a young daughter, you would know what I was talking about.

I started to blog this evening about music.  It was originally titled, "Songs I Wish Were On Someone Else's Playlist".  There was a bit of a lapse in my mental steadfastness this week and I had the brief wash of regret bring up old feelings listening to Mraz's 'I Won't Give Up'.  Yeah, it's been a fairly quiet week here at Rancho Martin the mind wandered.

But with the same speed and affect, it passed like yesterday's refried beans. (Ha! Cracked myself up on that one!)  Anyway, the quiet house has been a reminder that I haven't seen the Mancubs in a week and a half.   I hear Coldplay and I think of Mancub1.  Some dance song comes around in the playlist and I picture Mancub2's groovy dance moves.   Damn I miss them.

So I have spent over half of my week working on professional projects that needed to be done. Still working on next week's workshop on iPads, but that should be done by 1am.  (Redbull waiting in the wings.)  As my co-workers can attest to, my productivity is often at the price of the sanity of those around me since I AirDrum/DeskDrum/AirGuitar/notsoAirSing while I listen to tunes loudly in my ears.   Dad's been asleep or downstairs or watching his TV at increasingly louder volumes and has avoided my bad habit.

This week has been a Spotify music website week.  Listening to tunes for free has been my dealio for a long time.  Only if I want the tunes in the truck to I buy them.  So for the first time in many years, I bought an entire album, not just a couple of tracks.  I am wearing down the grooves, (will have to explain that to the younger readers) on Coldplay's Ghost Stories album.

Okay, this has been more random than I thought it would be.  As your payoff, here is one of my favorite things Mancub1 has shared with me in recent weeks.

He starts, "Dad, I made up a new word yesterday."
"Really?  What was it?"
I love that boy!  I miss them both and am counting the hours until next Tuesday.  Safe travels, Mancubs!

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