Independence Day Thoughts

From the time I hit 'create post' to when I started typing, I had probably 84 different ideas for today, biggest of which is that I'm in withdrawal right now, missing my kids.  They are have a great time with their mom, traveling around the Ohio area. She's a great traveling companion and they have seen great things.  Their Independence Day will be special and I'm happy for them.  But it's been forever since I've seen them.

For most of us, Independence Day is a holiday or a weekend where we can travel or gather with friends for BBQ and fireworks.   Independence Day for others means a declaration of separation.  For a long time now,  having a diseased arm was better than losing that arm.  Now that I no longer have that arm, I feel the phantom pains of relationship now and again.  Today, I declare myself independent of those feelings that remember what was supposed to be.  I try to live my life in positive enthusiasm and give a final goodbye to that part of my life.

My dad spent about 5 years in assisted living and was told what to do and when to do it. He was not independent.  Now that he has escaped from them, he lives with more freedom. He has more say about what he wants to eat. He has a private room and bathroom. He says that he is doing better now.  Yet, he is not independent. He can't drive anymore and still needs assistance around the house from time to time.  But he is experiencing new freedoms and day trips. There is a level of independence even when one loses a total ownership of that freedom.

My great, great granddad fought for his independence and lost at least two brothers in that war.  That time fighting got him shot near Richmond and a year and one day later, on July 2nd 1863, he was captured on the second day of fighting at Gettysburg.   He spend that Independence Day a prisoner of war.  At the end of the war, he gained his independence again and was free to return to Alabama and soon after take his family to Texas.

And then there is Independence Day overdose.  The Encore Channel is playing the Will Smith movie back to back all day long! Maybe a little much even for a fan of the movie.

May your Independence Day be a celebration of remembrance or a declaration of future independence from something that holds you back.  

* Dad on July 3rd at Bob Bullock State History Museum.  After we took it he ask if I got the little kids in the background.  "You can just tell everybody that that was the group I was with today." Daddy cracks me up. 

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  1. Tim Says:

    Glad to see you blogging again! And your dad is in great hands!

  2. Pam Says:

    Howard, it was great reading your blog today! So happy that your dad is with you and under your care. My folks moved into an independent living facility 6 months ago and their experience has been life changing (for the better)! How wonderful that your dad will be passing on his stories, values, and advice to your kids! It is HISTORY in the house! Happy 4th!

  3. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Thanks for the comment Tim and Pam! Dad is pretty happy here. He wasn't in a bad place, but this is a home verses a 'home'. It will be very worth the effort it takes to change things around here to help him improve health and mobility.

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