Web Hosting Plug!

Honestly, this is for additional drawing tickets in their Christmas Prize Giveaways.  It is a great reason to plug for them, but I do so without even winning.

I've used for website registration and web hosting for at least 7 years.  I now have about 5 different domains that they host for me for free and I have no regrets.  There is the one that I've maintained the longest (for my kids), the one for family history, the one I used for a long time for my side business' homepage, and the one I used for a school organization.  Setup was always painless and I never recorded any downtime for my sites.

With so many competitors, and in the business of educational technology, I have to look at other alternatives from time to time.  The negatives I find elsewhere (spam-friendly, over-advertisement mandates, inconsistent service) just didn't ever apply to my history of Doteasy use.

Thanks Doteasy for the service and for the great giveaways this season!
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