Strike Three On People Today Already!

Not even noon yet and today is stacking up to just a wingdinger!!  I'm hoping that it is a first inning fluke, but three quick strikes on today was not good.

1) Bridge 2 Health for not opening their doors this morning to keep my appointment. Didn't answer my phone calls, doors were locked, and I'm starting my vacation off with tight muscles and couldn't get my massage.  So a big BOO! to Bridge 2 Health and a small boo! to for sucking me into this bad deal.  *I did get a call as I was posting this.  Seems somebody's dad was supposed to open shop today but slept in. So I will tone down my rant as I am, by nature, a lenient man. They called and tried to resolve the issue, and I appreciate it. But they aren't getting their hands on me now. 

2) Bad drivers! Nancy Noseintraffic had to nose into my lane, all the way past her front tire, when waiting to cross three lanes of on-coming traffic.  I know, she was just being helpful, thinking that the blinker wasn't big enough to let me know her intentions. I guess nearly losing the front end of her SUV is worth that extra nanosecond of time needed to cause a wreck somewhere else down the road.

So I returned to the safety of home, away from the socially challenged and within minutes came strike three.

3) Sad Sam Salesman! It's your God-given right to knock on my door to sell me the world's best crap that you have with you today because I don't have a polite 'No Soliciting' sign for you to mouth read. However, you should be VERY aware that not everybody is going to buy your Roncomatic 4 horsepower Nose Hair Brush today.   DON'T BE SURPRISED WHEN PEOPLE SAY, "NO THANK YOU!"  Really?!?  Little Sammy just gave me the How-Could-You-Say-No? face and, only minutes away from tears, actually said as the door was closing, "But it's free."   I wanted to slap him! If it's free, just tape it to my door and walk away. It will be in good company with Chinese Food coupon and the realtor's note that says he wants to sell the house that I don't own. I already politely said I wasn't interested. Now go and be a happy salesboy somewhere else.

Wow, that inning is over and I feel dirty. I'm a nice guy, but people that can't roll a 1 on a one-sided die just get under my skin. It's not that they are not capable, just not capable enough at that moment in time. I am going to look for the good in the world during the second inning today and hopefully restore some of my faith in the game.
3 Responses
  1. Catherine Says:

    Ways to restore faith in the game!

    1) Read my new blog post for today!
    2) Take the mancubs to get ice cream! Nothing like their faces lighting up!
    3) Consume a freshly baked brownie! Nothing like warm, gooey, chocolatey goodness to perk up your day.

    ....That should help! =)

  2. Christine Says:

    door to door salesmen...HORROR. We had the Kirby vaccuum guys come by once and tempted us with free carpet cleaning. They did not leave our house for 3 hours...and tried to get us to buy a $2000 vaccuum...

  3. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Cat, thanks! ..and of course I read each new blog. ;)

    Christine, Follow your uncle Steve's lead. He said he'd love to open the door to the Jehovah's Witness peeps and, in his thickest Irish Priest accent, welcome them in to sit and talk about Catholicism. Ha! Just sell them something as hard as they are trying to sell you something. Yes!!

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