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I blogged a while back about 4 music alternatives for when you are on the pc and wanted new tunes. One that has since become a new favorite of mine was not on that list and it's saved my bacon a couple of times now.

Tonight, I was going to play a mellow CD for Mancub2 as she was going to bed. The CD kept getting kicked out of the laptop and would never play. I quickly pulled up AccuRadio and soon had soothing tuneage playing. She was pretty much out by the time I closed the door on my way out. is a great site with tons of selections and well-categorized. I like rock, but was able to dig deeper into the subchannels to pull out Adult Alternative's subchannel, Double Latte.  Well organized and rarely a repeat.   (Until yesterday, acutally.  I heard one song 3 times that hour.  That was rare and makes me think it to be a programming flaw.)

Tonight, my rock'n daughter really liked the nighttime music of the Textures channel. Again, lots to choose from.

What puts it up a little higher on my list are the mobile options for phone browsers, the iPad app, and the availability on the Wii.  To top it off, it's free and I've never made any account with them. It's just plain easy and no audio lag.

Congrats AccuRadio!  You are my favorite online music source right now.
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  1. Catherine Says:

    Sounds like it's worth investigating!

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