MyPhone Wins Over iPhone!!

The unscientific results are in and the MyPhone Android phone by TMobile has won, beating the iPhone hands down!  What a contest! Through diligent use of my MyPhone, I have decided that it is far superior in several categories.

First of all, I'll be honest and state that my iPhone experience has been limited to what my friends show me on their iPhone and active use of my iTouch and iPad.  Also, my MyPhone experiences are limited to the three phones (two factory replacement phones) and hours of troubleshooting that I've spent on my phone.

The first category that MyPhone captured was the "Crash Often, Crash Hard" category.  Try as I might, I have loaded tons of apps and used the Apple products a great deal and was never able to get a significant crash to occur. However, with a minimal set of Android downloads and frequent use of the TasKiller app, I was easily able to experience the sudden crash of the phone. I have hopes that the new iPhone will improve and introduce more crashing soon.

Another category taken by MyPhone is the "Revert To Paper Catalogs" area, emphasizing the lack of easily-browsed apps to download.  Apple's online iTunes Store has an easily and quickly searchable store inventory where you can find apps and add them to your app collection. TMobile recently jumped ahead with it's mailed-out catalog which introduced a number of Android apps and scannable icons which will help you connect to the app you wish to slowly download and install.  Truly and innovation, the paper catalog introduces product links that can be wrinkled, ruined by water, and otherwise lost when accidentally thrown into the trash bin.

Lastly, MyPhone's inventive use of Spare Time is a great reminder of the days of IBM DOS 3.1. Once again, I have the chance to start an app, put the phone down, make a sandwich and return to the now opened application.  iPhone's lack of Spare Time only leads to high blood pressure and anxiety by forcing the user to be more productive, sooner after starting an application.

Honestly, I really want an iPhone but can't get past the horrendous customer service history I have with ATT. Android's mutlitasking is a great asset for the phone and the reliance on Google accounts is more more inclusive than being trapped in a MobileMe account.  I'm sure that other Android phones may have more processing power and be better equipped to handle some of the nice Android apps. However, I greatly look forward to the day I get rid of my MyTouch phone by TMobile.  My best option would be to keep TMobile and have a supported iPhone.  Until then, I'm going to keep b*tching about my crash-happy MyPhone in hopes that nobody else will be gullible enough to actually purchase one.  Stay away from MyPhones.
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  1. We're Not In Texas Anymore Says:

    "inventive use of Spare Time..." rotfl! Yep, I get so stressed out by my iPhone moving ever so swiftly and non-crashingly to the exact function that I have summoned up and expected. What? "Paper catalogs"? So TMobile kills phones AND trees? Somebody needs to inform them about email and emailing perhaps a pdf?

  2. Kevin Says:

    Ever consider a Palm device. Mine has worked flawlessly since I got it, and Sprint kicks AT&T's service to the curb. Just my two cents.

  3. MrMartinsClass Says:

    WNITA, Glad you liked! Ha!
    Kevin, Palm OS? Don't know much about it, but I like how Android and iPhone communicate via Mac Apps.

    Thanks for dropping a comment on the post! Have a great week!

  4. Christine Says:

    I would argue that Sprint's customer service sucks, and it's a pain in the butt to not operate with SIM cards like the rest of the cell phone world.

    AT&T isn't that great either, but if you really want an iphone, it's worth it.

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