Meeting Up With Great Educators!

I'm back at the ISTE conference this year and have high expectations, again. There are a ton of new technologies that will soon play a role in classrooms across the country and I'll get to look at a bunch of them.  There are some great speakers that will be presenting again and I'm hoping to get some good stuff from them, again.  Come one everyone, sing along:  I've got hiiigh hopes. I've got hiiiigh hopes...

My short list this year includes:

1) No matter how much you know about Web 2.0, Discovery's Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo always have something new that can positively affect the way you use tech in the classroom.

2) I have learned to like my iPad and am hopeful that I will be presenting a great iPad program at a conference next year.  However, I still think it's overrated and I want to sit in on some iPad sessions to gather more hype. Know the negatives to work the kinks into positives.

3) How are High Schools improving general ed use of tech in the classroom? Out of four workshops I did this summer, only 1 high school teacher showed. What is the magic dust needed to make even small changes with that level?

4) I've learned more about hardware this year than I ever wanted to know. Yet, is the new Epson projector/white board holding it's steam? What are the new iPad wannabees looking like?

5) For a couple of principals, I have to find microscope advancements and manipulative tools.

It's going to be a busy week, but the boots are shined and ready to make tracks.
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  1. Tech Blog Says:

    You are such a geek. I also think it will be a great conference. I have so much to see and do in 4 days! SNM

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