DENSI2015 and Feeling Numb

I'm waking up numb.

No, it's not because I was out all night drinking. (I really wasn't!) It's not because the bed was too short or because the sheets just don't know how to stay on the mattress. It's not because I have much to do before I go back to work on Monday. I'm numb not because I have logged more walking miles this week or lugged my Discovery tote around for several days.

My brain is buzzing from all of the mental pictures that are popping around inside like atoms in a reactor.  I try to focus on one idea and four more come screaming through the door.

It's Thursday, the last full day of DENSI2015 in Washington, DC.  I've met so many awesome people!  I'm around a large group of people and have met first-timers walk around and own DENSI as well as the veteran attendees. I've seen some of the quietest empower themselves with an awesome, booming digital voice online.  I've seen collaborative note-taking spaces remain sparse because all the fingers of participants were too busy trying new things, using multiple devices to capture or voices were too busy connecting shared ideas into new realities.

How can this week have gone by so quickly?  I will endeavor to focus not on the impending feelings of separation and loss tomorrow, but instead on my continued ADD nightmare.  I already have so much to capture and yet I'm going to sit through another day of being flooded by ideas and future realities that will impact students back home.

I'm waking up numb.  But it's my own fault.  I bought a ticket for the lotto that only has one ball, DENSI2015, and I won.  Now how will I ever spend all of this experience?

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