Day 7: Colonial Awesomeness!

It was decided that Jamestown, or James-Towne, held a higher priority for us, so we started out there.  Seeing the archeological digs, the artifacts, the buildings, glass blower and hearing the stories was great!  ...for me. ;)  Road-weary kids liked it, but to a much-lesser degree. 

We went from there to Williamsburg. My memories and some tourist websites said we could spend part of a day walking around for free. After walking into town from public parking, we soon found that about everything required a pass or ticket.  I would suggest that it is a wasted trip if trying to freebie it. We got cheap tickets and saw metal worker, tins moth, leather worker, cabinet maker and more. The group enthusiasm increased as we saw more cool things.  Tired and hungry, we finished our tour and returned to the hotel. 

In what became a highlight of the trip, we cleaned up, put on 'good clothes' and went to Maurizio's Italian Restaurant. If all of the places we've been so far, the crew was the saddest about leaving this place. Even finicky eaters gave the food 6 out of 5 stars. 

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Williamsburg was one of my favorite stops as a kid. I would love to have seen it again, and I hope it gave the young super heroes some insight to the history of our nation, and made history come alive for them. -AntVee

  2. Jaime Patteson Says: guys are re-tracing the steps of one of my favorite family vacations we ever took! So fun!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I can relate. As a 15 year old going to these same buildings and sites I was interested, but not enthusiastic. But the funny thing is it was one of the most memorable events of that trip and after 30+ years I still remember the actors dressed up in period costumes talking about history. I recall that experience anytime I read about events of that time, but I can't recall what I had for any of our lunches during that trip. Capt. K

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