NOLA- Day 1

We found our way to the hotel fairly easily and have a nice, but small, room for the night.  We are right on the edge of the French Quarter and took a brief walk (during daylight hours) into the Quarter. 
We went far enough down Bourbon Street to see the architecture, see a street band play and a growing number of early-partiers.  The smells and sights soon had a couple of the kids ask to head out and back to the real world. 

A street cop suggested dinner at Daisy Dukes, so we had Poboys, Gyros and a burger. The burger was not received well, but the rest was yummy.  No Daisy Dukes photos, flags or shorts.  

A self-prescribed early night for the crew means an earlier morning for Beignets.  After that bit of heaven, we are off to Alabama.

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  1. Carolyn Rains Says:

    Check out the French Market if you get a chance in the morning! Very unique things at great prices!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If you go back through, the WWII museum is phenomenal, as is the restaurant attached!


  3. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Next time we are there longer, these would be two great things! Thanks for the ideas!!

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