Day 2- Research Project

After a great morning of beignets and walking around Jackson Square, we hit the road for Alabama. Drive was an easy one and Cinderella drove part of the way, giving me a small break.

We made it to Livingston, Alabama to meet Ms Loehr at the Julia Tutwiler Library at West Alabama University.  Ms Loehr was exceptionally helpful and we did find a few things the didn't already have. For example, I now have a more complete listing of the Company G (Alabama 5th Infantry) muster roster from 1863.  This really helps fills in some of the gaps we had in our information.

We have some leads as to where the Martin's lived, but don't have a firm grasp of the location.  It's somewhere around Intercourse, Alabama.  ...Yes, we can count on the giggles each time we say that town's name.

Tomorrow will see us finally camping.  No electricity or water. There may be a lapse in posting, but I think I have a solution.  Until then, leave us a comment. The kids like looking for comments.
Alabama 5th Infantry, (new) Company G Roster

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  1. Carolyn Rains Says:

    Glad you're getting some good info! Don't forget the mosquito spray for camping and lots of ICE WATER!

  2. Lana Says:

    Hoping your research will lead to lots more answers. Have fun!!!

  3. Jaime Patteson Says:

    Sounds like a great beginning to a great trip...LOVE the genealogy factor!!! Can't wait to hear about the camping...Adventures worthy of a group of Super Heroes!!!

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