Post-DENSI 2014 Withdrawal

My head is literally buzzing this morning.

I made new friends that, because of my past experiences with DENSI week-long experiences, I know will be there for the long run.  I have connected in some fun/interesting/educational ways that will stick with me for some time. This morning, right now, it’s buzzing with a lot of great memories. 

I had Moonshine! Don't worry mom, it was legal.

For one reason or another, I haven't gone 2-Stepping in a very, very long time. I'm surprised I remembered, but we had a great time along Broadway.  Nashville actually has a pretty good nightlife scene and I felt young again. Ha!

But most all of that was icing. It's the part that was sweet and what you see at a distance when first seeing the cake. Dang if the inside of that cake wasn't the best cake you ever tasted!  I feel like a 6 year old with sugar all over his face after licking up the last available crumb of cake on his plate. 

No other time spent with educators has ever made me feel this way. Please don't tell Lance or Porter, bit I would pay to experience this every year.  There are loads of DEN notes I took and many other shared that I will spend hours going over.  This reminds me of Jesus and the loaves of fishes. I walk away with three loaves of notes and ideas that will provide much more than three loaves of learning for me for some time to come. 

I’ll be sharing some of the educational meat soon, but today is about some great new friendships, catching up with Glides, trying to wipe the smile off my face, doing laundry, cleaning house, seeing Transformers with Mancub1, and wishing I had more pictures from this last week. 

So, more later. For now I will end with: Thank you Porter, Lance, Steve, Brad, Chad and the rest of the Discovery Education crew for making so many things possible last week.  Sure, we do a lot of the community, but y'all give us new wings.


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