The Red Box Experience

So, with sick daughter this morning, I decided to get a movie for her to watch. (You know, when she wasn't reading, sleeping, doing math problems or working on a new formula for the national debt.) It was still early after dropping off Mancub1 at school, so I tried Red Box video for the first time. It was easy, cheap, and had a good movie selection.

I was a fan until drop off this evening. I pulled into the parking lot to find a man and a woman at the double machine location. I stayed in my truck, listening to tunes while they work on their selection.

I wait some more.

I wait, watching these two people staring at screens of movie choices, occasionally clicking on one to read the review and then return to the list. Sally Slowreader and Bobby Browser stand there immune to the passage of time.

I need that freak'n machine to just drop off the movie and these people become the mime equivalent to Roger and Ebert. Really?! Two thumbs up? Yeah, I know where I'd put those thumbs at this point.

Competition arrives. Cute Young Hispanic Girl walks up behind Bobby and stands there watching the only living example of the earth coming to a complete stop. Bobby and Sally turn at different times to see her, but continue their trance-like lock on the machine.

Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. Sally turns to Bobby and points to a movie on her screen.  He gestures back a non-verbal plea to rent a rated R B-Movie. Sally leaves her machine to scratch and grunt with Bobby.  Cute Young Hispanic Girl leans in with anticipation. "Can I use this machine?" she asks. Four grunts and a head-tilt preceded Bobby's affirmative nod.

Finally! CYHG deposits her movie and less than a minute later, mine resides once again in the Big Red Box. I leave this small video dispensing crack house set against a Walgreens and drive off with

Will I try this again? Maybe. But I will for sure be working on a strategy system for shooing the lookie-loos and mouth-breathers from the screen so I can reach the belly of the red beast? Definitely!
6 Responses
  1. Jim Says:

    There really should be a separate drop off receptacle about 5 foot down from the rental kiosk. I HATE the readers. Its worse than a book store I tells ya!

  2. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Jim, I was hoping for the Mission Impossible Self-Destructing discs that you didn't have to return. ;)

  3. Christine Says:

    I've never done red box, but having to deal with idiots is always enough of a deterrent for me!

  4. Catherine Says:

    Yeah....I've never actually done anything through redbox, and I don't know if I will. I'm too cheap. lol.

    You just need some sort of anti-idiot deterrent. Like...a bullhorn. That might work.

  5. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Red = $1.08 per movie
    Netflix = $9 per month

    If I'm not watching 9 movies each month, Red might be the way to go. I haven't decided yet. Of course, that's not taking into consideration the limited choices on Red and the iPad streaming on Netflix.

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