Remote Control of Computer Screens

Because I have the word 'Technology' in my job title, I get a few phone calls after work about something that went wrong on the computer. I've learned over many years that helping someone over the phone, when they can freely click anything they see on the screen, can be quite troublesome. It's be so much easier to drive to their house and control their computer.

Well, for almost a year now I've been using Team Viewer to do just that, but never having to leave my house. Team Viewer is an application that you do need to download and install, but it works for Macs and Windows computers pretty easily. Downloading the Full Version lets you contact other people and control their computer.  However, my friends need only download the much smaller Instant Customer client and install it. You don't even have to restart the computer after install!

When dad was having problems with his Windows XP machine, he turned on Team Viewer, gave me his client number, and my Mac was able to go across the state and control his computer. I can view only or control his computer while I talk to him on the phone with very few limitations.

The client always has the ability to stop sharing and no connection can be made unless the remote computer has the client running. Also, while you can click on anything on the screen and operate menus, there are some right-click functions that will not work remotely.

Need to see what someone is seeing on their computer? Give Team Viewer a chance, for free!
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  1. Christine Says:

    We use another desktop sharing program at has already saved me a TON of work just being able to remote control the computers at our second office...rather than direct people around.

  2. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Thanks for sharing Neorouter, Christine. Will have to give that one a good look now.

  3. Kevin Says:

    I was about to tell you about NeoRouter, but Christine beat me to it!

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