HEB: Great Store, Bad Ideas

I was cleaning out my phone's photos this evening and came across some older photos that made me want to share. I am, by far, not perfect and don't expect stores to be so either. However, like my daddy always said, when you live in a fishbowl, you'd better keep the glass clean.  I captured three photos in HEB that made me really think. Maybe you'll have seen something similar across the country.

Photo 1: The Pricing Game

I understand that prices fluctuate. I'm glad some go down. But when is a price just lower and at what point does it deserve a big font sign? Four cents is all it took here. It's a little thing to me, but really, it's only 4 cents!

Photo 2: The Coupon Game

I'm trying to be cost conscious. I was comparing products and prices when I came across these coupons. Side by side, same product. Now, do I want to save $1 or $2? I really, really want to know if anyone picked up the $1 coupon.

Photo 3: Spell Checker Anyone?

I admit I don't spell well. But if I was going to make a sign for all to see, I think I'd probably check it first.  But it's actually much worse. I already blogged about this sign two years ago. It's been hanging in this store for TWO YEARS and nobody has noticed it?!?

I challenge everyone to find their favorite grocery store pic and post it. Have a great weekend!
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