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I do like to listen to music while I work, but I can't afford to buy a lot from iTunes, don't want to steal tunes, and grow tired of the same songs that I have purchased or legally ripped.  So what is a guy to do? Here are my top 4 music alternatives when working online.

4) iTunes Genius lists: I have amassed a generous collection of songs from old CDs I own or purchases. For some reason, I don't enjoy it so much when I just go down the alpha listing in my music list. But if I select one  song I like and hit the genius button in iTunes, it will go through and make a long play list of songs I have that are 'similar' to the one I selected. It's a great way to be surprised by my random, but themed song selection.

Granted, there are those that hate the fact that you must run your songs through an online database for the genius to work. Big Brother may be tracking your songs, etc. Since I don't live on Limewire, I guess I have nothing to hide.  (Except John Schneider singing "It's Now or Never". I swear it was part of a collection and I didn't specifically buy it on purpose!!)

3) iTunes Radio: I know I look like an iTunes sell-out, but... I am.  It's my database of music.  Anyway, I have always enjoyed hitting the internet radio every once in a while. The Smooth Jazz station works well as warm-up music before a workshop. There are lots of genres listed and a good number of quality stations. Just click and listen.

2) Pandora: This was my first non-iTunes attempt. I liked it a lot because it built a playlist according to songs or artists that I listed. With only a few commercials, Pandora would play music I specifically wanted to hear...or similar to what I really wanted to hear.  That was the rub. If I wanted to hear Tom Petty, I'd hear Tom, some b-side Tom material, some live concert Tom even.  But I'd also hear the Pom Tetty fan band, or music that would sound similar to Tom, but which I really didn't want to hear.  I'd end up using a lot of 'skip this song' click with Pandora.

1) Slacker: Like Pandora, you set up an account online, you select artists you want to hear, and you can use iPhone apps to control your listening pleasure. However, when you create your list of 15 artists, those are the people you will hear. If you say Tom Petty, you won't get Tom Jones also. Slacker has several different ways to get access to your play lists. The even give you a very simple embed code so you can put the player right on your blog.  My slacker is on the right side of this blog.  Hit play and hear free tunage!

There are many other radio options out there. I pretty much stick to Slacker these days. What is your favorite 'free music' alternative online? Why?
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  1. L Shipper Says:

    John Schneider music fan?? I wouldn't have guess that! What about Skip Ewing? Do you have any of the songs he actually sang himself?

    I've been alittle Genius shy myself. Interesting to know how it works...

    Have you ever tried Jango?

  2. MrMartinsClass Says:

    Um, NOT a John Schneider fan, unless of course, he's fly'n across the hood of the General Lee on his way to save Daisy Duke!! Yeeee Haaaaaw! ;)

    Heard of Jango, but not checked it out yet.

  3. Red Says:

    My son listens to and says it's better than Pandora. It's completely free and you build the playlist yourself. I myself will listen to local radio stations the live stream (but then you have to hassle with commercials).
    Oh- and I had completely forgotten that John Schneider sings...

  4. MrMartinsClass Says:

    That's what I like about blogging, I learn from others in the process of my sharing. Thanks Red!

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